Rodella Trasporti srl, into the new head office in Medole, opened some additional services to the customers and third parties. All of them are complementaries to the transport activity and, according to the company, these new opportunities should meet the interest of the operators.

Goods Storage

The company is putting some opened and sheltered areas at customers disposal. This new activity, recently implemented, aims at facing the demand of more and more supplementaries services coming from the customers already involved into domestic and international transports.

Tank Container rental

Rodella Trasporti srl offers tank containers for rental of different kind and capacity. They can be used both for transport use or for temporary storage.


A 7.000 sqm opened space has been setup for vehicles parking both of property or third parties. All the parking area is fenced, lighted during the night, attended 24 hrs/day and under video-surveillance. A keeper is living on site and always available for emergecy or other needs. For drivers sleeping on theyr truck bathroom facilities are opened.

Empty Tanks storage

Near the parking area anempty tanks storage area has been implemented. A Belotti crane can move all type of tanks by top lifting and stack them up to 5 hights.

Tanks heating

A manifold operated at low steam pressure can allow the heating at the same time of several tanks. There are also others heating connections on the cleaning plant. All around the maintenance and cleaning plant sheds there are 220/380V three-phase sockets for easy quick connection of vehicles or tanks.

Comfort and Facilities

Rodella Trasporti srl always put responsible care to personnel satisfaction. That’s the reason why the new head office offers very comfortable facilities including rest room and self-service drinks and snack. All these confort facilities are opened also to outsiders.