Road tankers

Road tankers fleet owned and operated by Rodella Trasporti srl consists of “foodstuff only” and “chemical only” vehicles. All road tankers are stainless steel made.

All the “FOODSTUFF ONLY” road tankers are equipped with hydrallically operated changeable speed lobe pumps. A hot glycol/water solution circulation at 65/70°C is provided by a special heating plant installed on each tanker in order to allow long lourneys without any problems when unloading. Reinforced insulation of the vessel also helps to keep the product temperature. Most tankers are three/four compartments and their capacity ranges from 31.000 to 32.000 lts. in order to allow three/four product deliveries.

For small place deliveries there are lorry-tankers (two compartment), equipped with lobe pump and dry air compressor unit. For what it concers the beer transport, the use of 27.000/29.000 lts capacity tank containers on special trailers, have been chosen.

Foodstuff Road Tankers

4 compartments road tanker for foodstuff only equipped with lobe pump.

Ink Container

4 compartments road tanker for special inks only equipped with 4 special pumps.

The company has gained also a substantial experience into “milk run” deliveries of raw or finished chemical goods. at the moment operates usually 12 multi-compartment road tankers or lorry tanker. When requested or needed the use of mono or multi- compartment tank-containers is available both for domestic or international deliveries.

Rodella Trasporti srl is also operative into the intermodal and road transport of special printing inks such as so called “Heat-set” and “Cold-set“. On the purpose a mono-compartment tank-container fleet is dedicated to 4 colour ink transport, while, for customer deliveries are operatives road tankers up to 4 compartments. Each compartment has a dedicated unloading pump and flexible hose.