Tank container rental

Rodella Trasporti srl offers tank containers rental of different capacity and peculiarity: 24.000/27.000/29.000/30.000/32.000/34.000/35.000 lts. IMO-1 or IMO-4. All tanks are insulated and steam heatable.

Besides that the company offers the implementation of tank farm at the customers premises with diffent solutions according to their needs. A trailers fleet for the positionning of tanks up to 7,82 mt is also available for rental together with the tanks. Some of these are tilting type and very much appreciated when unloading pastry goods.

Tilting Trailer

Side view of a tilting trailer for easy unloading of viscous products or pasty.

Stacked Tank Containers

Temporary storage made by 4 stacked tank containers ISO standard.