Rodella Logistics

Rodella Trasporti srl carried out into the new Medole head-office a modern 2 lanes cleaning station for foodstuff tankers, silo-tanks, refrigerated trucks and isothermic bodies. The plant has high pressure spray nozzles automatically operated, steam sterilizing , warm air drying. A wide range of fittings to get easy any hose connection (DIN, GAS, RJT, CASSONI, SFERA, GAROLLA, CAM-LOCK, GUILLEMIN, ETC).

Foodstuff Tank Cleaning

The cleaning plant consist mainly of following components:

  • 3 steam generators can produce up to 2.800 Kg/h
  • 1 water sweetening plant treats 10.000 lts/h of drinkable water
  • 2 high pressure water pumps
  • 2 heat exchanger (water/steam)
  • 2 multi-suction detergent dosing pumps

CIP System

A C.I.P. system for beer tank containers and road tankers has been set up. After C.I.P tanks can be pressurized with CO2 for edible use. A wide range of different C.I.P. can be agreed with the customers.

CO2 Pressurizing

Rodella Trasporti srl has implemented a CO2 (for edible use) filling station. High pressure gas bottles are packaged into special racks. This solution give the opportunity to have flexible CO2 volume available.

Warm air Drying & Sterilizing

After cleaning operation the tank can be dried by filtered warm air or steam sterilized according to customer needs.