Tank containers

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Tank containers

The tank containers fleet owned and operated by the company is suitable for the different type of combined transport can be chosen:

20' tank container ISO-standard for short-sea shipping.

For this kind of activity 20'x24.000 lts IMO-1 tank containers are avaibles. All tank are insulated, steam heatable and can be unloaded under pressure.

Swap-body tank containers for land or railway transport.

This kind of containers can be dedicated to the transport of "FOOD-STUFF" or "CHEMICAL" by railway combined transport. The capacity of these tanks ranges from 30.000 to 35.000 lts in order to allow to maximum payload for different specific gracity goods. According to the european regulation they can be loaded up to 29 ton without to exceed the 44 ton maximum allowed vehicle weight. All tanks are insulated, have coils for steam heating and can be operated under pressure.


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